What is covered during an IT Security Assessment?

There are many pieces of your business computer system and you may not be aware of where security weaknesses may be hiding. IT often becomes an afterthought or something that a business owner does not want to think about, much less worry about. But, like a business vehicle, your IT system needs regular attention if you expect it to work when you need it.

The major items covered in an IT Assessment:
Data backups-Are they automated? / Do they happen consistently and reliably? / Is there a layered approach with multiple options for restoration?
Disaster recovery – Is there a plan to quickly restore computers, servers, and even your entire network in the event of a catastrophe?
Front-line Internet protection-Does your network’s firewall have the latest security patches? / Are there open windows from the outside into your network? / Is the firewall unit a business-class device? / Are you relying on the firewall functions of your Internet modem?
Anti-malware protection-One of the most effective ways for hackers to gain access is lax, expired or total lack of security software.
Remote access to your internal network-Does your office utilize a wireless guest network or do you give visitors direct access onto your corporate LAN? / Is your employees’ remote access secure? / Do you opt for convenience over security?
Privacy policies-Are your employees educated on best practices for protecting your customer data? / Is there an Internet and computer usage policy? / Are field computing devices using encryption?
Data breaches and IT security threats are becoming more prevalent. The longer that you wait to address your IT weaknesses; the more likely it is to become a problem.

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