IT Security Assessment

IT Security Assessment & Data Breach Services

Recent studies show that cyber attacks on small businesses with fewer than 250 employees represented over 30% of all attacks in 2015, up from 18% in 2014. Of all the attacks the report studied, it found 96% were not difficult to achieve and 97% were avoidable.

Avoid costly IT network security breach remediation for your firm by ensuring your system meets today’s IT security standards.

Key Areas to Consider

Here are just a few key areas that a Kenneally Technology Services IT Security Assessment will help your firm improve.

  • Anti-virus and Anti-malware Security Software Suite – is the best available and up to date on all computer systems
  • Secure File Transmission – important information is encrypted and transmitted via a secure file transfer utility
  • Network Security Monitoring – has a central monitoring system that monitors software and implements security updates
  • Employees – are educated regarding cyber security, restrictions are set to safeguard data and control employee access

What Kenneally’s IT Security Assessment Provides
Identifies vulnerabilities within your firm’s network and computer systems, creates a strategy for remediation, and implements a plan to bring your systems current to today’s IT industry standards.

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