Outsourced Network Administration

Outsourced Network Administration

When a company or organization does not have an on-site network administrator, the task of troubleshooting and attempting to fix the office computer problems often falls on the office manager or the person with the best but limited technology skills. This takes that valuable person away from their primary job function leading to wasted productivity and poor office performance. Some computer problems can take hours to fix.

Throw in the time spent making sure that the office software licenses are in order, whether the data backup job ran correctly last night and whether or not the anti-virus software is up-to-date and it is a pretty tall order.

With our outsourced network administration service, we completely take the worry and hassle out of your office network so your employees can focus on their primary job functions. Our outsourced network administration service can take care of the following and leave your valuable employees to more office focus-driven tasks:

  • Proactively apply network server and workstation security updates
  • Proactively monitor your servers and workstations for issues before they cause a major disruption
  • Monitor Data Backups
  • Organize and administer software licenses
  • Apply crucial productivity software updates
  • Monitor Firewall Performance
  • Setup and configure new employees onto your network system
  • And Much More…

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