Cloud Computing Solutions

Cloud Computing Solutions

What is PUBLIC Cloud Computing?

PUBLIC cloud computing is the concept of using the Internet to provide software application services to your business or to house your important company data.

PUBLIC cloud service providers offer low-cost “pay for service” or price per user pricing to entice you to move your tried and true technology to a system where your applications and data are housed in a datacenter with remote technical support personnel taking care of everything.

Situations where PUBLIC cloud computing can work:

  • Off-site data backups for disaster recovery purposes
  • Email hosting
  • Hosting non-crucial secondary business applications

Some of the not-so-mentioned drawbacks to PUBLIC cloud computing:

  • You surrender control of your company’s most important asset—your DATA. When you commit to a cloud computing configuration, your data is uploaded from your system to the cloud provider’s system
  • What happens to your data and your whole computing strategy when the cloud provider with whom you are working gets acquired by another company or worse can no longer afford to be in business
  • Collaboration and links between different applications often suffers or is non-existent
  • The local collaboration between you and your existing network support firm (who knows the intimate details of your network and data) goes away in favor of a different generic technical support person every time you call for assistance

Sound daunting and scary?

Your answer could be that you can become your own cloud provider. PRIVATE cloud computing can be a happy medium for small to medium sized business.

PRIVATE cloud computing can be accomplished by rolling your many business apps and its data into a centralized computing environment. Think of it as the “buffet style approach to networking”. Your local LAN users and your remote employees would all connect to a centralized application server housed at your office location.

Benefits of Private Cloud Computing:

  • You can prolong the use-life of Private computers because the processing load of the application is performed by the application server. Your computers can become inexpensive “connection points” rather than powerhouse computers.
  • You can reduce network support time because all of your applications reside and can be supported in a single location rather than on scores of end-user computers.
  • You can increase productivity by utilizing remote access. Traveling and home-based users experience the same performance and can access the same data as your local office network users.
  • You can still work with your local trusted IT support advisor. Your IT partner will be able to offer you remote support options that will maintain your IT budget.